Visiting Speaker Program

The visiting speaker meetings are a cornerstone of TWA, and provide a unique mentoring and networking opportunity for our members.  The topics covered range widely from speaker to speaker and include research and career navigation, work-life balance, and raising a family.

Past visitors include:

Kate Rubin
Rebecca Bernstein
Karin Oberg
Rita Mann
Meredith Hughes
Sally Dodson-Robinson
Lynne Hillenbrand
Maryam Modjaz
Jenny Greene
Serena Kim
Renu Malhotra
Feryal Ozel
Paola Caselli
Alice Shapley
Glennys Farrar
Suvi Gezari
Julianne Dalcanton
Lucianne Walkowicz
Lisa Winter
Sarah Brough
Beth Willman
Sally Oey
Eliza Miller-Ricci Kempton
Meg Urry
Hannah Jang-Condell
Shirley Ho
Genevieve Graves
Katie Freese
Julia Lee
Crystal Brogan
Alicia Soderberg
Marta Volonteri