Speaker Host Guidelines

  • Invite speaker to meet with WSF (see sample speaker invitation for inspiration)
  • Contact Treva Dickerson (treva[at]email.arizona.edu) to schedule a meeting time . If needed, poll TWA to select optimal time.
  • Reserve a room. If you want to hold it in Steward, see Erica Ortiz (ericaortiz[at]email.arizona.edu).
  • Assemble brief bio on speaker (grad school, postdocs, where they work now, what they work on)
  • Read “possible questions” for discussion ideas if needed.
  • Collect Tea and Kettle from Vanessa.
  • Buy snacks (optional). Save receipt.
  • Send reminder emails to twa@as.arizona.edu and twaugrad@as.arizona.edu 1 day before and 15min before meeting
  • Attend meeting and introduce speaker with brief bio.
  • If you bought supplies, collect your receipts, a copy of the meeting announcement, and a list of attendees. Then,
    • If you’re affiliated with Steward: submit those documents to Miranda Cox in the business office and ask her to use the WSF account.
    • If you’re not affiliated with Steward: give those documents to Vanessa, who will submit on your behalf and reimburse you personally.

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