Girls Need Their Space, March 2014

Saturday, March 29. 12-9pm

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Hey Girls! Love stargazing? Want to learn more about the universe through hands-on experiments? Interesting in learning what it’s like to be a scientist from women behind some amazing discoveries in planetary science and astronomy? Come to Girls Need Their Space!

Featuring special presentations throughout the day in the Planetarium theater by UA faculty, researchers and students, learn what it’s like to design and use space telescopes, study meteorites, and investigate the formation of our solar system. Want to be a space scientist yourself? Learn how these successful women navigated their career paths and get trips and tricks for getting started.

For a change of pace, stop by one of the indoor activity tables where you can investigate impact craters, the “fingerprints” of elements, methods for finding planets around other stars, and much more. Outside, use telescopes to safely view the sun during the day or to view the night sky highlights after sunset.