EYH, Fall 2013

Thanks for attending the Astronomy session at the Expanding Your Horizons workshop! We’ve put together a list of links and resources we hope you’ll find useful.

First, and most importantly, click HERE if you want the chance to visit the Mt Lemmon SkyCenter for FREE. 

Local Resources

Steward Observatory Website :: Where we all work.

Public Evenings at Steward Observatory  :: Free talks by professional astronomers aimed at the public, and telescope observing

Mt Lemmon SkyCenter :: Nightly observing and special programs for a fee. Student discounts available.

Kitt Peak Visitor Center :: Free access to the visitor center. Nightly observing, tours or special programs for a fee. Student discounts available.

Astronomy Camp :: Camps for middle and high schoolers as well as adults. Scholarships available.

Tucson Amateur Astronomy :: Local association of amateur astronomers. From their website: “a group of people that explore, observe and learn about the objects in the solar system and the night sky”.

Other Interesting Links

Why is Astronomy Important :: Discussing the importance of astronomical research

Globe at Night :: Can you see the stars? Participate in this global survey – many dates coming up in 2014!

Ask an Astronomer

Astronomy Picture Of the Day (APOD) :: A new picture every day, with archives of previous images – a great homepage for your browser.

Cool Cosmos :: The Cosmos in the Infrared!

Google Mars :: Google Maps, only better!

Images from Hubble


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