Minutes 08.22.2013

Colloquium speaker meetings
We’ll keep the same format as in the past. Additionally, if there are any male speakers you think would be great for WSF to meet with, please suggest them. Thecolloquium schedules now have a few additions:

  • Lynne Hillenbrand (9/5); host: Kate F
  • Sally Dodson-Robinson (10/14); host needed
  • Fiona Harrison (10/17); host needed
  • Meredith Hughes (10/24); host: Charlotte
  • Yanqin Wu (10/28); host needed

As you can see there are 4 speakers coming in a two week period, which I assume is more meetings than anyone cares to have. So, please fill out this poll by 9/5 with your top pick(s) (it’s not binding, but obviously don’t check boxes for meetings you won’t attend). 

If you are interested in being a mentor or being mentored or you’re a junior grad who wants to switch to a postdoc mentor, let Colette (grad mentoring) or Decker (ugrad mentoring) know.
Social events coordinators
We’d like to have a variety of monthly informal events (eg: dinner, drinks, hiking). Jeyhan will be the primary coordinator, with a different person in charge of each month’s event. Email Jeyhan if you would like to organize an event. 
Maria will be coordinating EYH this fall as well as laying the groundwork for a classroom outreach program. Email Maria if you are interested in coordinating and/or volunteering.
Name Change
We’re looking for a name that better describes who we are and what we do than “Women’s Science Forum”. Preferably with an acronym that isn’t terrible. Brainstorm when you don’t want to do other work and send me your suggestions.
Special Topic Seminars
We came up with a variety of suggestions. I can help with one of the unclaimed seminars.
  • (early Fall) Jeyhan is organizing an NOAO science coffee about the postdoc/faculty job process. Watch for emails.
  • (Fall) Overview of Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy report on women in the academic track. Open to anyone who wants to attend. Johanna is organizing.
  • (late Fall / early Spring) Gender equity seminar or panel discussion. Open to anyone. Johanna’s CSWA seminar will serve as an intro. Needs an organizer.
  • (late Fall / Spring) Panel discussion on balancing family and work. Include women and men, primarily as grad and postdoc level. Needs an organizer.
  • (late Fall / Spring) Discussion on the “7 year postdoc” with faculty at various career levels. Needs an organizer
WSF webpage
Is here: http://wsfaz.wordpress.com/ and is linked from the Steward page under Resources -> Departmental Organizations. If you have suggestions or would like to be in charge of a part of the website, get in touch with Maria.
Watch for an email from Kate about how to get involved with Tucson Women in STEM, a new umbrella group for women in STEM groups in the university and greater community.

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